Saturday, September 4, 2010

Snail Mail, Books & Driving Practice

The time is almost here for some Hatch Show printin! I was happy to receive some good old-fashioned snail mail last month briefing me on what to expect and what to prepare for during my time at Hatch. I was also really excited to check out some of the suggested reading for interns– the fact that Rob Roy Kelly's American Woodtype was on the list gave me more than enough reason to finally purchase it (luckily, it has just been reissued!) Also added to my pile of nightstand toppers is Cleeton/Pitkin/Cornwell's General Printing and Bill Moran's Hamilton Wood Type. While I enjoy books of the word variety, I really enjoy books with large, good-lookin letters in 'em.

It's about a week before my first day, and I am going to go ahead and predict that the toughest part of this whole internship may very well be the commute. Living in a 2-stoplight town has in no way prepared me for downtown Nashville cruisin, and I'm pretty sure that if I am in a parallel parking situation I will embarrass myself. With that said, I'm devoting this week to preventing that very situation!

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