Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 9

The controls for the Vandercook Universal III back press.


  • Intro to the back press– it's semi-automatic and a bit intimidating; while the front and mid press have only a couple switches, this one's got several.
  • Mix your color correctly before you start your edition!
  • Signs you might have too much ink:
    a) ink prints shinier (especially on a matte paper)
    b) ink has a bubbly texture
    c) finer areas fill in/bleed
    d) rollers "sizzle" too loudly
  • Don't use lead furniture to fill in the press bed; it has no give and is hard on the roller
  • How to clean the press rollers properly (take 2)

  • Printed Grand Ole Opry restrikes
  • Printed on the back press's tympan paper (cranked the wrong lever, too many options!)

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