Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 8

Jennifer requested a "spicy mustard" kind of yellow for this job...

  • Mixed lots of ink.
  • Helped print Libby Koch posters.
  • Typeset some poster restrikes.

  • When typesetting, choose the simplest way of doing things (and one that is easy to modify on the press). Creating a puzzle out of type/furniture makes changing spacing hard.
  • Still feeling out how much ink is ideal for the press roller. I've always thought that the sound of "bacon sizzle" was a pretty relative term, although that's often what we're told to listen for.
  • Hatch is currently at its 7th location, all of them being in the downtown Nashville area.

Typeset jobs are stored on wooden boards and labelled with tape. We've accumulated lots of labels from past jobs, this is just a teeny section of them.

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  1. HMM, your blog is awesome. I'm learning as you are. =)