Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 12

650 AM, WSM (just sing the jingle in your head)


  • Almost finished setting Music City Roots poster
  • Petted Huey (photo coming later, everyone loves cat pictures, right?)


  • How to deal with large amounts of type
  • What to do when not all of your type will fit in a line (pretty tricky when you're trying to justify type, or get it to line up flush from left to right perfectly)
    1. Try a different and/or smaller font
    2. Try using lowercase instead of uppercase
    3. Utilize catchwords (fancy "and"s and "the"s styled into one block)
    4. Try to shrink articles like of, for, at, etc., or set them in a different font
    5. Switch "and" with "&"
    6. Switch "at" with "@"
According to the Nashville tour guide lady that comes in every day, this poster has sold more than Elvis and Johnny Cash posters

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