Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 10

Collected intern sketches for Carrie Underwood poster (plus coffee.)

  • Got our first design job (not to be confused with restriking old posters!)
  • Sketched ideas for Carrie Underwood poster
  • Set type for Carrie Underwood poster

  • Don't design something that will be extremely hard to restrike.
  • Be aware of color separations and how they will affect the printing process.
  • Reference your artist's website/latest merch/album covers, etc. so you can design appropriately.
  • Keep in mind that your poster design should represent your artist and Hatch
  • After creating a small sketch, recreate your sketch as actual size to reference when pulling type.
"They're getting a poster, not a root canal!" - Brad on client reception.
Johanna (with Adrianne) cutting linoleum for the 'O's in "Underwood"
Each intern gets an inbox– ours are now filled with jobs

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