Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 4

Poster project No.1

Typeset my first poster today! Johanna and I were assigned a restrike, meaning we had to replicate an old job based on a poster we had on file already. Remaking posters and getting the type to lock up correctly is a lot like putting together a puzzle, and I like it.


  • Furniture is 4 picas tall exactly– don't sit it on its side by accident.
  • Use tape to secure small, tricky units of type (e.g. a bar of 12pt stars)
  • How to die cut on the Vandercook
  • New wood blocks are presented to the client as a sketch in the proof– only after they're approved do they actually get cut (same goes for photo plates!)

  • Empire
  • Balderdash

Made with a real 45!

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