Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 3

Proofing a restrike of a Grand Ole Opry poster


  • How to pull a proof before running type through the press
  • Spend more time pulling/setting type so that you will spend less time on the press.
  • Visited upstairs photo plate archive/learned how it's organized.
  • Hand carved pieces of type on cheaper wood soaks up more ink than factory endgrain pieces.
  • Ink up type diagonally so that the ink doesn't pull up type.
  • What a die looks like/how to die cut on the press.
  • Type is traditionally set upside down and backwards, but for the large type in our posters, we set backwards and not upside down, so we can pay more attention to the aesthetics of the design.
  • The moveable part of the composing stick is called the knee.


  • Farmer Gothic (not to be mistaken for Franklin Gothic condensed)
  • Tower
  • Bank Gothic
  • Mandy (real good lookin wood type!)


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