Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 5

Inking up the front press


  • How to print a poster on the front press (Vandercook SP15)
  • Watch for leads on the press bed– they match!
  • In reference to the order of tightening the lockup bar and tightening quoins..."Shut the door (lockup bar) before you lock it (quoins)."
  • Stack printed posters vertically so ink won't offset.
  • and the kicker...Dorris Macon was Uncle Dave's son, not his daughter! I've heard of Dorris a few times, but I never realized this was a male name.


  • Tympan paper is the cushy wax coated paper that goes around the cylinder
  • The frame user to hold all the type together is called the chase
  • Type locked into the chase is called the form
  • The lockup bar goes at the bottom of the form and secures it into the press
  • A quoin is a mechanism, tightened by a quoin key, used to secure type from the side.
  • The dead line is a line marked on the press bed after which nothing type high can be set (or it will be damaged by the cylinder.)
  • Type high is literally the term for the universal height of letterpress type– .918", that is.


  • Airport (reminiscent of Futura)
  • News Gothic

Quoins, quoin key, lockup bar, etc. on the front press

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