Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 6

Brad using the massive Hatch paper cutter

  • How to print on the mid-press (Vandercook Universal-I)
  • When mixing ink, be clean! Keep the lips of the jars wiped down and put your palette knife on a clean surface.
  • Don't gouge the ink when scooping it out.
  • The first time you print a poster, roll the cylinder slowly to see if any type causes pressure.
  • When type needs to be raised, cut paper to the shape of the type and tape it to the back.
  • Before adding lead to loose type on the press bed, check for sloppy typesetting first– it may be that something it just out of place.
  • When figuring out what pressure to print at, start low and gradually raise the press bed.
  • During early prints/the registration process, get rid of mis-registered prints! That way, you won't register later colors incorrectly.

Setting type/images on a diagonal = a hot mess!
Love this block!

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