Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 13

All our fun typesetting the past few days is adding up...and up and up...

  • Music City Roots poster– complete!
  • Met with my client for the Carrie Underwood poster, got my first job approval (this means printing will ensue)
  • Mixed the colors for the Underwood poster
  • Got lots of reglet splinters– boo!

  • Before you print your job on the press, we hand-brayer the set type and pull a proof (rub tracing paper onto the inked letters with your hand and/or a wooden spoon)
  • Coat proofs twice with corn starch, then brush it off to help keep ink from smudging
  • Ink proofs diagonally, and pull the tracing paper off diagonally– it keeps the type from sticking and lifting up

Found this guy and had to photograph, as it coincides a bit with my personal work.

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