Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 50

So many rules

  • Set postcard designs, the Evil Hatch Clown and a small version of Luana poster
  • Sorted out rules (of the tangible, letterpress variety) in search of the perfect one for my postcard
  • Finished setting a band postcard for personal project
  • Proofed some Christmas card designs for the Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Found out my postcard client is going to be having some logo changes, so the job was put on hold indefinitely; I was really excited about this design, but I imagine many good designs never get seen because of situations like this

Part of my postcard which may not actually get printed (but you can see the film blocks I carved in printed form!)

  • If you want to "stamp" type during the proofing process, it's best to put a piece of foam core or something cushy underneath so that you get a good print; the softness allows the type to print more evenly

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