Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 38

Inevitably, I get these track marks from the press on me when printing– EVERY TIME


  • Printed the second color for Bluebird cafe posters
  • Set up press and did makeready for the final Bluebird color
  • Did a mini intern interview with Bethany for a presentation Jim will be doing at Wayzgoose, a printmaking gathering held at Hamilton

  • When setting up your posters to print on the press, if you keep a couple picas extra at the top, you can trim off the "bite" marks the press leaves when it clamps in your paper
  • One of the intern questions was "What do you plan to do with your Hatch experience?" and my gut answer was "Start a small independent print shop." Now that it's on tape (or SD card, rather) I'm pretty sure I'm held to it, right?

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