Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 43

Whole bunch of ands, all in a row

  • Cut a couple linoleum blocks  of film strip borders for Sunday Morning Films postcard/finished setting type
  • Pulled proofs for postcard, front and back
  • Called client to discuss faxing the proof; realized the client was expecting a call before the design was even started!
  • Mixed colors for Lhoist poster background
  • Got surprise free tickets to the CMA Awards– most importantly, got to see Loretta Lynn in person!

Us in CMA attire, Brad @ press

Carving film blocks

  • Always touch base with your client before beginning a design; you never know what has changed since they placed their order (there has been a 5-7 week wait time for production during my stay)
  • How to use a proportional scale (in this case, to know how much to shrink down a logo when making new magnesium plate)

Meet proportional scale

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