Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 37

Been hanging out with this guy all day

  • Started color separating Bluebird Cafe posters
  • Printed background block for Bluebird Cafe posters

How much ink does it take to print a full-sized background block on 400 sheets of ink-thirsty chipboard? Well, a little more than this much.

  • How to operate at top speed on the back press
    • The longer you print, the faster the press will move
    • If the press moves too fast, it will slam as it hits the end of the press
    • To prevent slamming, bring the cylinder back before it reaches the end of the press
    • Because the brakes are currently out of whack, you can also "manually" break the press by holding onto it as it comes back
  • Chipboard tends to curl back and get caught on the cylinder; you can catch it yourself if it starts to do this

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