Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 36

You can see where cracks are forming in this old 5


  • Mixed inks for Tootsie's
  • Printed the second color of Tootsie's poster
  • Repaired some very old and brittle '5's


  • The more paper you put under type to bump up the pressure, the bigger chance there is for workups
  • How to deal with fragile type
    • First off, be aware of any fragile areas as you print
    • There is only so much you can do about fragile type; you can't prevent all splintering
    • If a large section cracks off, it is sometimes possible to repair it by using wood glue then weighing it down as it dries
    • Lighter, lower quality wood can be a prime candidate for splintering and cracking

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