Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 34

Many shades of lavender, but which?


  • Walked down to Tootsie's with a Pantone book to color match the bricks– so nerdy
  • Challenge! One more name added to Tootsie's poster, lots of time spent trying to miraculously squeeze it in
  • Mixed color for the bricks– printing starts tomorrow

  • The bricks of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge are approximately Pantone 2645C
  • Some VERY helpful information about the internship process. Bethany told us about her process today and I feel like she works so hard and goes about intern selection in completely the right way. I feel like these tips are general enough to be consistent for most internships, and super helpful:
    • Stay in touch– if you interview months ahead of intern selection time, send a card or more recent work sometime in between to let the company know you're still interested
    • Keep a good attitude, especially during interview– it's the first (and an important) impression that your employer has of you
    • Thoughtful and well put-together mini portfolios are not (believe it or not) just a tedious exercise for graphic design class. They're actually very helpful in showing your work (and knowing that you care about it)
    • Why should you get the internship position? Make sure your intent is clear, and show how much an internship will benefit you; you should show that you are eager and willing to learn.

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