Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 26

A really good lookin 'L'


  • Finished printing the rest of Music City Roots posters
  • Called Mzungu client/figured out shipping information
  • Printed 1st color for Mzungu, started on second color

  • The steps of pressure printing; this process is a quick way to add interesting shapes without creating a new linocut– pictures below
  • When pressure printing, don't cut out shapes with too much detail– it tends to get lost
  • The thicker the paper you use for a pressure print, the more defined the result will be
  • How the shipping/billing process works at Hatch
  • How to adjust ribbons on back press

Print your background block, then trace the image to be pressure printed where you want it to be.
Cut out the image, then load the pressure printing sheet in the press behind your printing paper.
Result of pressure print.

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