Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 18

Carving a block
Rubbing the ink onto tracing paper with a wooden spoon
Part of my proofed block

  • Made some sponsor corrections to Music City Roots poster, had to reset a few lines
  • Fleshed out my Christmas card– mine's called "Tennessee Tinsel Time"
  • Carved a block for my Christmas card out of linoleum
  • Glued my linoleum cut to a wooden block so that it will be type high
  • Met Barry McGee! Brad magic brought Barry to the shop (he is in town for his Vanderbilt lecture tonight) He used to be a letterpress printer himself, and showed a lot of genuine interest in the shop.

  • How to deal with changing out information in posters
  • A change in length of words can be tricky to deal with– you really have to pay attention to how the letters take up space and how to manipulate the new information to fit
  • Barry McGee Rules!

Barry McGee doing what he loves most

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