Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 28

Up the ladder
Fresh crop of fives– which to use? There is a clear winner.


  • Typeset first color of Tootsie's poster for proofing
  • Pulled a proof of Tootsie's poster
  • Climbed the ladder a lot in search of the perfect oversized '5'

Incurred minor injury while digging through box of sharp things– luckily,  Hatch has this handy

  • Often, we flip pieces of type over to print solid rectangles. Tips for this:
    • Try to pick characters in which all corners make contact (for example, an 'E' would make contact, but an 'F' wouldn't, so it would print unevenly
    • Select pieces of type that have a surface that will print well (blocks with a shinier surface, or ones that have been printed on the back before)

Proofing the 45 block

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