Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 24

Outside the shop around closing time

  • Finished folding all 500 560 of my Christmas cards
  • Cut out the shape of Africa for a pressure print
  • Helped Laura finish up some Christmas posters
  • Got a surprise visit from Kyle and Brett
  • Got halfway through the first color of my Music City Roots poster 

Orange rake, check

  • How to be more efficient on the back press
    • Keep the press moving
    • Utilize both hands to the fullest!
    • Don't let the rollers sit still at the end of the press
    • As your poster comes back, be loading the next piece of paper to print underneath
  • 25 Line Gothic No. 4 has great texture on the back when printed upside down
  • Teeny imperfections or hard spots from foreign matter left in chipboard can damage type– don't risk it

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